The Song of Solomon

Section 2

4 Classes.

Teacher: Steve Porter

A beautiful Bride walks through the door. The “beauty of the Lord” is upon her, and her face is bright, glistening with the light of the glory of God. Her train is very long, shimmering with brilliant rays of dazzling light. The light is so bright that her countenance is difficult to gaze upon. She is the Bride of Christ, the one who has fallen passionately in love and is eagerly awaiting the coming of her wonderful Groom.

In every generation, there are a few rare individuals who break free from mediocrity and apathy to go deeper with God. His beautiful Bride is among them; she is crying to go deeper into His presence. She is not afraid to run hard after God, living a deeper life of obedience. The close relationship between us and our Heavenly Bridegroom is worth pursuing, but it will only come to those who will do whatever it takes to get it. Are you among those who are desperate for more?

This class sets forth the steps that lead to spiritual maturity and intimate communion with the Lord as depicted in the love relationship of the Song of Solomon.

From the call to “Rise up and come away,” to the Bride's declaration, “I am my beloved's and His desire is toward me,” Steve presents clear spiritual insight and its practical outworking based on personal experience.

This class stands in contrast to the quick answers and easy methods popular today.  The Psalmist speaks, “Deep calleth unto deep.”  The deeps of God are heard only in the depths of the spirit of man.  This class opens the student to a path that leads to the mountaintop with our Lord. .

The Song of Solomon (Section 2)

"A Class to go DEEPER into the Chambers of Intimacy. "

Teacher: Steve Porter 

February  16, 23, March 2, 9 2019

Saturdays at 12 PM EST USA (9 AM PST) or (5 PM BST)

(All Live Classes Available in a Private Facebook Group and You Can Also Watch the Replay.)  

 A Spirit-Filled Four-Week Experience.

Week 1: Song of Solomon Chapter 1

Week 2:  Song of Solomon Chapter 2

Week 3: Song of Solomon Chapter 3 

Week 4:  Song of Solomon Chapter 4 

There will be 4 sections to the Song of Solomon Class. Each Section with 4 weeks of Teachings. A total of 16 weeks for the complete series. Each section cost $99  

$99 USD For Section 1 Class Enrollment (All Donations help support our International Efforts. We are a 501 c3 and all gifts are tax-deductible) 

A free copy included of the E-book by Steve Porter "Draw Me- The Deep Cry of the Bride" .