A story by Walter Beuttler “The Lord Enters my Cottage”


Walter tells the story when He went through persecution at the bible school he taught because of the move of the spirit in his own words:

That night I was unable to sleep for I felt very discouraged. My superiors were telling me to stop the moving of the Holy Spirit in the classes, and I was being criticized for having a move of the Holy Spirit in the camp meeting. I thought, “I will quit.”

The next night, I quickly fell asleep. At that time, we lived in a cottage, which had three wooden steps leading to the front door. I was awakened out of a deep sleep by heavy footsteps walking up these three steps. Somehow, I instinctively knew that this was the Lord. I heard Him take hold of the knob of the door.

This knob usually rattled, and I heard it rattle. I heard Him turn the knob and pull the door open, step through the door, take hold of the inside knob and close the door. I heard Him walk through the dinette. He stopped at the door to my bedroom and then He spoke in a rich, deep, masculine voice. He had come to reassure me that He was with me and that He would protect me against all my enemies. I clearly heard this audible voice with my physical ear.

After that, He turned and walked through the dinette, turned the knob and opened the front door and then closed it after He left. I heard Him go down the three steps. This was a personal visit from a personal Christ, in a time of deep distress, when I was about to turn my back on the movings of the Holy Spirit. This visit gave me the strength and will to continue, and to pay the price for His presence.

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