With Steve Porter

Knowing God in an Intimate Way

6 Classes


Knowing God in a Intimate Way

Teacher:  Steve Porter

6 Weeks

$99 USD


(This class is now available in a private Facebook Group to watch on replay)


Intimacy with Christ is not an impossible dream. In fact, God has already made these promises available to you through His Word. His greatest desire is to spend time alone with you in the secret place, so you get to know each other’s deepest heart longings. (James 1:2-4)

The secret things that are on His heart are revealed to those who want to know their God—those like John the Beloved, who laid his head on Jesus’ chest and actually heard His heartbeat. To hear the heartbeat of God . . . imagine that. It’s stunning to realize that we as mere human beings can draw near enough to our Creator that He shares the secret mysteries on His heart. God eagerly reveals divine knowledge if we’re willing to draw near and wait on Him.

Do we really want to know our God? He reveals Himself to us because He wants to be known and appreciated. And if that’s the case, it begs the question: why would we settle for less? Why would we settle for a shallow, dead religion? Our relationship with Christ was never meant to be dead and lifeless. He never intended you to have a lukewarm surface relationship with Him. Rather He wants you to come to His throne room and experience Him in a personal way—in all His glory. I invite you to press in to discover the deeper things of God through our special class, “Knowing God in an Intimate Way.”

A Spirit Filled Six-Week Experience.

  • Week One: The Great Yearning Heart of God. Drawing Close to the Lord. The Return to Intimacy with the Lord.

  • Week Two: Friendship with the Lord. The Garden of Intimacy. An Obedient Heart. The Manifest Presence of God.

  • Week Three: Breaking Free from Dead Religion. The Heart of God

  • Week Four: How We Draw Near to God and Have Him Draw Near to Us. 

  • Week Five: God’s Invitation to Intimacy.

  • Week Six: The Secrets of the Lord. Intimate Communion with the Lord. 


The Cost is $99 for the 6 weeks. This includes

  • A copy of the E-book by Steve Porter "Whispers from the Throne Room" 

  • Access to the Private Facebook group where the class was taught.

  • Fellowship  and support from other like minded believers that will be in the class. 

  • 6 video meetings with Steve Porter. Interaction with others, times of prayer and impartation, and question taking during the class.   

This Class Could Change Your Life! A Special Class of Impartation!